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About Christina

If you've met me in person you know that I am a hugger and a just tad bit flighty. For you to understand why I share what I do, I have to take you back several years.

Our oldest child was born in 2006. He was our first live birth. Before him, like many others, we experienced both infertility and loss. Those 2-3 years were nothing short of a roller coaster and tested every piece of my marriage and even my faith. We did everything we knew to do-- healthy diet, exercise, positions, timing, basal temperature tracking, and even took medications to help. Finally, on the last round of meds, we were one of the lucky couples who struggle with infertility and expecting our blessing. Thankfully this pregnancy had a happy ending. But, WHY am I sharing this??

Before trying to conceive, I used all the toxic products. I had no clue. Just grab the same shampoo I've used since I was a teenager. Grab the same dish soap that my mother and grandmother used, cause, hey, It works! Same thing for the products I'd use to clean the house.

It wasn't until I had our first child that I even considered what I put on my body. But there is something so pure, sweet, and innocent about a baby's skin. Nothing toxic had ever touched it. Completely pure. When our oldest was born it was like a switch went off in me. Find out everything about everything. True new momma panic mode. Protect him like something fierce! Before I knew it, I was in a deep rabbit hole. I quickly learned that the products we had been using were known to cause many issues-- skin irritation, reproductive health issues (hello!), cognitive impairment... and the list goes on.

Since then, we have found truly safe products that we know we can trust that do not cause these issues. They have completely changed our life. I cannot imagine living a life without these amazing products. Because of my health changes, I want the same for you too!